Case study 1:
Client handling skills exported to the world.

A global telecommunications firm had a problem with the poor communication skills of its senior executives.

An inability to delegate led to stalled decision-making processes. Key accounts were unable to get satisfactory answers to their problems. The catalyst for action was the loss of one of their largest clients.

Not A Drama played the role of both clients and middle-managers in the subsequent training sessions.

Executives were taught how to communicate more clearly with their staff, and recognise their potential. Armed with a new confidence in their people, they built a cohesive team capable of handling most situations without constant executive supervision.

They were also taught how to deal with irate clients, a skill many had lost as they were promoted beyond regular customer contact. These basic skills were rebuilt using re-enactments of actual events.

The program was so successful that Not A Drama was contracted to provide the same simulations for the company's staff in the US and across South-East Asia, with actors trained and briefed via video conference.

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