Case study 2:
Small town anger management.

An Australian corporation worked in association with the state government on a major development project in rural Australia.

It would have adverse affects on a small country town, including a road development that would see the town effectively split in two.

The company takes its community relations seriously, and wanted to ensure that its staff handled the situation sensitively, so a training program was developed.

Not A Drama actors took the roles of the town mayor, members of a resident action group, and a local TV reporter. Their brief was to be irate and sceptical.

The company's staff had to explain their actions, listen to community concerns, and speak convincingly to the media.

All were glad of their training experience when they did it for real.

Perhaps the most valuable skill learned was the ability to seek community opinions in a difficult situation, rather than just state the company line. It provided the company with valuable feedback on how to improve their standing in the community.

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