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Training can be a waste of time and sandwiches

You've probably been to lots of training courses that consist of a list of projected bullet points telling you what to do or role plays with a co-worker pretending to be a client.

It isn't very involving, and it certainly isn't realistic. Role plays tend to end in giggling and smirks.

It's basically a day off with catering.

Not A Drama's actors create the realism that jolts people out of their complacency.

We take the role of difficult clients, co-workers, action groups, journalists or anyone else who could unsettle your people.

We don't hold back. Senior executives must be able to handle confrontation, aggression, tears and pleading.

It isn't an easy day's training. Some fall far short of expectations.

But isn't it better to work on it now, rather than letting your real clients be the guinea pigs?