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How we work - our four-step process

What sets Not a Drama apart is our commitment to developing bespoke simulations for each and every client. We work within a four-step process to produce engaging, personalised and industry-relevant programs that can drive meaningful change within your business. 

  1. Initial consultation
    We’ll start by getting to know the basics, working with you to identify and frame the unique challenge/s facing your organisation, as well as to understand any new workplace models or processes you’re seeking to implement.
  2. Research phase

    We’ll familiarise ourselves with the broader industry landscape in which your organisation operates and pinpoint the most strategic people within your business to talk to, using their expertise and insights to build our training program.
  3. Scripting phase 

    Next, we’ll work with you to identify the Not a Drama services that best suit your required outcomes and select the most appropriate actors/facilitators from our team. We’ll start the scripting process, developing a realistic training solution that’s personalised to your needs and share it with you for feedback.
  4. Program delivery
    Once we’ve finalised your training package, we’ll agree on a time to deliver the program to your team.

We speak your language

Our extensive experience working with corporate clients means we’re well versed in the language of business. In addition to high-level acting skills, we have:

  • High-level facilitation skills, including the ability to work effectively with diverse teams
  • Experience working with a range of coaching, feedback and personality profiling tools such as GROW, LSI, MBTI, SBI, SCARF and SMART, among others
  • An understanding of emotional intelligence and neurolinguistic programming
  • Extensive experience in the provision of detailed and responsive feedback.