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At Not a Drama, we can design and deliver complete corporate training packages or develop specific simulations or roleplay scenarios to support your broader training agenda. All our services and training packages are available face-to-face or online.

Our corporate acting and training services span four key domains:


We’ve all been forced to do awkward roleplays at work, acting out hypothetical interactions with colleagues we’re too familiar with. Using a corporate actor shifts the dynamic, allowing staff to engage in hypothetical workplace scenarios (such as interviews and dismissals; employee, supervisor or client conflict situations; or presentations, pitches and negotiations) where they can test out a variety of approaches and solutions.

Real plays

Real plays focus on real-life situations in your workplace. Not a Drama actors/facilitators work with individual members of your team, recreating specific professional or interpersonal challenges they are currently facing, and play out a range of solutions. This approach gives your staff the chance to learn and practise new skills that are unique to their professional growth.

Forum theatre

Forum theatre is an excellent technique for exploring real-time situational dynamics. Our actors perform a scripted scenario that reflects an existing business pain point or that helps staff understand how to embed new processes or models in existing work practices. The audience (your team) makes suggestions to improve or change the outcome; the actors then incorporate those changes into a re-play of the scene, demonstrating the impact of different approaches on the final scenario outcome. 

Executive coaching

Executive coaching is a personalised training style that incorporates roleplay, real play and extensive feedback in a one-on-one environment. We work with clients to improve their presentation, interpersonal and negotiation skills in the context of their existing business and industry environment.


Feedback is a critical part of the training process. At the end of each activity, our actors/facilitators will deliver detailed feedback that helps participants reflect on their experience in a meaningful way.

All our feedback is tailored to meet your specific business objectives and will reflect the impact of participants’ actions on the actors, scene or outcome; or on the models and processes being introduced as part of the corporate training experience.

The level of feedback we provide depends on your individual needs. It can include a range of reflections on how well participants achieved specific training goals, including (but not limited to):

  • Building rapport
  • Using body language (eye contact and other non-verbal cues)
  • Employing questioning techniques (open/closed, qin/qex)
  • Using listening skills (showing empathy, reflective listening use of silence)
  • Using their voices
  • Focusing a discussion or set a clear agenda
  • Employing the use of higher intent (big picture, sharing vision)
  • Demonstrating moral courage (asking the hard questions)
  • Summarising and wrapping up.